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Breeding AKC registered "People Pugs " for your family in NY

"People Pugs" means pugs that are friendly, healthy, cute and well-socialized

"People Pugs" are pets that are going to be around for the long haul!  When you adopt an animal companion, you want to know that they have the best chance of having a rich life and enriching your life.  Pugs are all about enriching their people's lives, so we want to breed pugs that can do that for many years, trouble-free. 

As responsible NY breeders, we provide home-raised, well socialized, healthy Pug puppies one litter at a time.  All puppies are vet checked, dewclaws removed, up to date with vaccines and worm meds and are AKC litter registered.  They are so ugly they're cute, and they have sweet personalities.  When you adopt our puppies at eight weeks they will have begun potty and crate training, are frequently bathed, and know how to get their nails trimmed.

Velvet and Bears puppies are all sold.  Sophie and Mac should have puppies ready sometime in July  2016.  Check "Puppies Available" page for details, or call 315-775-7650 and talk to Heather to consider reserving your Pug pup!  We can deliver for a fee in NY, CT, MA, NJ, PA, and the surrounding areas of the Northeast.

Pug Pups

Warning!  If you don't think PUGS are the cutest things on the planet--look no further!!  Your mind may be involuntarily changed!

Velvet- Our #1 People Pug

Velvet VanWrinkle--what can you say about your baby?  She follows Heather around all day, and keeps her on a short leash.  We were a little hesitant in getting a pug after hearing about breathing problems, weak constitutions, and lack of cold tolerance. So we quizzed breeders around Northern New York NY about breathing and cold tolerance before we settled on Pugly (her "very original" nickname) and we have had no trouble.  We can't exactly recommend buying a pug as a jogging companion in a cold climate, given their centuries of breeding for "couch life"--but we can say that we've had no trouble with her in that regard and we chose to breed her in part because she has a bit longer nose than the average pug.  She still snorts for attention or pleasure as a pug should- we call it "the Pug Purr"- but she has never had shortness of breath which extreme shortness of nose can bring.  We believe Velvet and her mate, Karma, will produce beautiful grunting little puglets who can run around the yard with the Big Dogs!

Sophie- our newest Mama Pug

Sophie is an AKC registered super-sweet girl.  We had many requests for black pugs and now we can say Yes!  We brought Sophie in from a great breeder in Missouri, and now she breeds with Alexander Macpug who is one of Velvet's sons who lives with Mom-in-law in Glenfield, NY.  With Mac and Sophie as parents, these will be sweet and beautiful puglets!  Sophie has puppies due in January 2016! Call to reserve! 

Bear-  the Papa Pug

Our former stud, Karma, moved from New York  to Kentucky with his owner, but Velvet has decided she likes "Bear" an AKC black pug boy that lives nearby.  Bear is friendly, good-looking AKC registered black Pug and will serving up a delightful batch of baby puglets for you to choose from!    Just like a Papa Pug should !  



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